From The Atom To The Black Hole

The dim issue, the imperceptible and secretive stuff that makes up the vast majority of the material universe, maybe concealing itself in minuscule dark gaps, says a group of Russian astrophysicists.

Nobody comprehends what dim issue is. In any case, researchers do realize that it must exist, in light of the fact that there isn’t sufficient obvious issue in the universe to represent all the gravity that ties systems and other huge scope structures together.

Stargazers have been on the chase for dull issues throughout recent decades, utilizing indicators both on Earth and in space. The new theory, figured by astrophysicists Vyacheslav Dokuchaev and Yury Eroshenko at the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, proposes that dim issue could be made of minuscule — or quantum — “dark gap particles.” [The Hunt for Dark Matter: Images and Photos]

The idea isn’t completely new; others have recommended that different kinds of little dark gaps could make up the dim issue, which is so named on the grounds that it clearly neither assimilates nor emanates light and therefore can’t be recognized legitimately by telescopes.

The genuine idea of gravity


A dark opening is a district of the room with such exceptional gravity that nothing, not light, can getaway. This is the general comprehension of the dark opening.

In the event that gravity is as yet a marvel, how might we come to utilize this announcement as though it was a reality? This is deceiving. Additionally, it is keeping our young masterminds from even to consider investigating the genuine idea of gravity.

Something that bothers me more than anything else is when researchers quote gravity and develop a wide range of formulae and conditions around it when they understand that they have no logical evidence of what gravity truly is!

As a power, most researchers are reluctant to concede that all they truly know is the thing that they have recognized from their guides – a centuries-old heritage of logical convictions some of which were later refuted.

It’s a well-known fact to state that logical research is now and then debased because of irreconcilable circumstances or the bait of benefits.

By and by, I don’t accept that dark gaps truly exist as portrayed in the principal section. Be that as it may, let us accept that they do!

I see myself as another Faraday.

After numerous long periods of serious investigation, scanning for the insider facts of gravity, I showed up to a point where I want to share my hypothesis of this alleged dark gap.

As per science, there is more space in a particle than there is matter. All in all, from where does all the vitality come to keep the iota together and dynamic, may I inquire?



This is my answer.

The vitality comes incompletely from the electrical field of the planet itself. This electric field is created by the planet’s internal center electromagnetism field, which as we probably are aware produces the north and south shafts.

Furthermore, the other piece of the vitality principally originates from the planet’s closest Star. This Star, thusly, emanates heaps of zapped particles that shower on to all the neighboring planets. By methods for these electric particles, the iota gets its vitality and remains alive and dynamic.

The Auroras at the North and South Poles are a physical case of these electric particles.

Our nearby planetary group, and thus our cosmic system, works in a similar agreement. That is the reason the planets spin and hold their circle around their Star. The planets and their Star pull in one another in light of these electric powers.

This is the thing that gravity is about.


The equivalent could be said of one cosmic system to another that holds our universe together.

My hypothesis stands that a dark gap is just a space known to man where the electric vitality of the neighboring Stars don’t reach – and subsequently, an iota can’t endure!

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